Tuesday, December 29, 2009

S A L E !

To celebrate the last few days of the noughties (do you know I only just clicked this year why they have been calling them the noughties!! *hangs head in shame*) I am having a 10% off sale on my Etsy Store!

Head on over... I'll be listing more things soon.


Femina said...

Hey, I just saw your comment on my blog... good on you for starting C25K. That's awesome! My tip (having just finished W2D3) is don't be afraid to slow down your running speed if you're struggling. I was having trouble with W2 so I slowed down my running speed from 7.5kmh to 7kmh... and 6.5 on the last set... and that made a HUGE difference. Feel free to email me if you want a pep talk :D -

Scurrette said...

oh thanks for the tips! To be fair I only did 15 mins on it because the tread mill only did 20 minutes, and with the 5 minute warm up... anywho, I was suffieciently stuffed with just that!

I'm going for day 2 tomorrow!

le @ whoopwhoop said...

hello there Bec

Thanks for stopping by whoop whoop .. love love your fluffy bots - too cute - as you may know I have to no longer babe lads so live in envy of the pinks, greens and reds you use in your girlie girl pants.

I love the lola fabric too - would make a great bag - yes ...

Anyways thanks for finding who said that on my blog - you clever thiany you :) best for 2010 le

ps love the buggies layout too cute :)