Thursday, December 24, 2009

What am I proud of for 2009?

2009 has been quite a year for us Scurr folk. It started with me being pregnant with the Mealie Bug - I was just over half way when the new year dawned. Exciting times...? Not!

For those of you who don't know me, I actually suffer from clinical depression when I am pregnant. It happened all three times. A chemical reaction to my hormones, the doctors all told me. All I knew was that it was hell. For this pregnancy I was extremely ill - I was on a concoction of two different antidepressants AND a mood stabiliser. This combination had me putting on around a kilogram each week. I was bigger then I have ever been in my life and put on over twice the weight I had with the boys.

And what's more, it wasn't working.

We somehow survived until her birth. Counting down the weeks, days and hours until her scheduled caesar at 38 weeks. I received special permission to have her early AND to have my tubes tied. I know that my family, marriage and most importantly ME wouldn't survive another pregnancy.

So what am I proud of?

I am proud to say that once again I have made a full recovery! Once the hormones were out of my system I was back to normal. AND I have lost most of the weight I gained to be about 3 kilos heavier then my pre-pregnancy weight (for all three kidlets).

I still have a hard time with my jiggly belly that I never had after the boys, but I am learning to love (??) my new shape and not expect to be the same size I was in my teens.

So what are YOU proud of?


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh that was an awesome post! Thankyou for sharing. How difficult pregnancy must have been for you. And well done on losing the baby weight. I am struggling with my jiggly belly - it's not all muffins in that muffin-top is it? There's a certain amount of "parts that flop out because I had babies" isn't there? Just to be clear.

I'm proud of the way you're hand-making things and selling them! Well done!

Swift Jan said...

Great post! And you SHOULD be proud. WHat an achievement!!
As for jiggly bellies, well lets not talk about that! :P

Femina said...

That's a great post. Anything that has the words 'depression' and 'survived' is a winner in my books! :)

Vintage by LOU LOU said...

You've done well my dear :) and why life has to be a struggle sometimes is beyond me but here is to a wonderful 2010 for all...

Anonymous said...

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