Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Baby!

We took the kidlets to the Myer Centre in Brisvegas yesterday to see that Jolly old fella. Twas a lovely afternoon - we nearly missed the train in both directions (or rather, we arrived on the platform with seconds to spare) but the critters adored it! 

Once there, the boys delighted in a train ride around the Santa track. It was Aphid #2's first go since he has been too little in previous years. He seemed to LOVE it. But then, how could you not when you are among a train mad family??

Then for the photo with the Claus himself. Turns out that the very same aforementioned Aphid #2 is scared stiff of him. No one else. In fact he tends to thrust himself on random strangers for hugs (*Need a hug!*) but he was just not coming to the party.

So, it ended up that we all were in the photo. 




Swift Jan said...

How fun!! My kids have always been a bit wary of Mr claus!

Femina said...

My nephew was freaked out that Santa comes INTO YOUR HOUSE WHILE YOU SLEEP!! He now leaves his gifts outside the front door, thank you very much.

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Oh, cute photo... my kids were quite ok with santa this year but not completely ok to sit on his lap, sitting next to is quite fine thank you very much...


The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Oh cool...we have done this too....Cooper was a little scared...but we made it in the end.
Nice to see you today too...thanks for visiting


cassandra2491 said...

ooh sooo cute :)....fantastic photo - I need a copy!!! I wish my kids would still visit with santa - but I guess at 12 and 16 - how embarrassing LOL :) I miss my babies!!

PS I can leave comments again, woohoo!!

Crazy Sister said...

I loaded the bottom of this picture first, and saw Santa's legs and a pair of nice legs wearing (maybe) a red miniskirt.

"Hubba hubba," I thought, "a hot elf."

It's Scurrette!

Scurrette said...

LOL - I'll take that as a compliment and run!!!