Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Been busy!

While all you lucky folks were Blogetting, I was busy busy busy making some new delightful goodies for the next Handmade Expo!

Ok, so that isn't quite the full truth. I actually had a retirement party to go to that was conveniently at the same time, but prior to that I was sewing. I pulled out some of the gorgeous fabrics I seem to collect (or do they breed? who knows!) to make some special stuff for those of the masculine gender. I think they look pretty fab!

The shorts range in size from 6 months to size 5. (Both the 6 months and size 1 have the same lime green trim. The size 5 is the stripe. You can work out which size is which now!)

I also made a couple of Christmas skirts with these gorgeous Alexandra Henry retro green prints. The candy cane fabric was a cute find too! They are in size 1 and size 2. 

Then late this afternoon I visited Handmade Heaven and Di-Licious (Oh my!) to restock some of my goodies. Once again I forgot to take pics, but they are the cutest little board shorts in a lime green moose print. They range in size from 6 months to 4. Go visit them and adopt a pair for the young man in your life!

Actually, you can see them in the photo below. They are on the left just before the red sailor shorts. They have a denim pocket on the back to pop all those useful slingshots and whatever else boys carry around!

I am planning on updating my Etsy store shortly. I have been reticent to do it in case everything sells before the markets, but since that is more then likely just wishful thinking, methinks it's time.



The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Woohoo...Loving your new stock which I checked out today...and yes DILICIOUS is DANGEROUS...especially for me, being next door to them


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

You were definitley missed on Monday - but it sounds like you were very busy. I am yet to visit the new cupcake parlour, but trust me - they will know it when I hit...LOL


Swift Jan said...

Cute shorts! And size 5 YAY!!!!!