Sunday, December 20, 2009

The latest..

Yesterday was family Christmas day number one. It was such a lovely and relaxed day. We ate alfresco, nibbled entirely too much naughty foods and sent the menfolk to work while us ladies enjoyed our leisure.

This was the product of their handywork, as modelled by Aphid # 1 early this morning before breakfast. Notice him getting around in his singlet and undies only. This is the most prominent view in our house in summer. Rivalled only by the undies only. It makes laundry a breeze!

The background also shows the little tree house (sans the tree) that the husband built for them too.

This was was me and my lovely (not so) little niece contributed to the celebrations. I wanted to take more photos, but the batteries rudely died on the DSLR after taking this snap. It's distroyed now.

And last, but not least, my latest project ticked off the list. I even hand embroidered the names. Please don't look to closely at them though, because I'm rubbish at it!

Now I only have the tree skirt to make. Yeh, I've left it a little late!


cassandra2491 said...

Love the stockings!!! You'll have to teach me how to embroider!!!:)

Now !!!!charge!!!! up the batteries.

Scurrette said...

I just realised that it sounded like my niece was not so nice. That is wrong - she is not so little!

Swift Jan said...

Firstly the stockings are fabulous!!
Secondly, your trampoline is HUGE! I want one!
And thirdly, gingerbread, mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

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