Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The recent past.

Apologies for vanishing for a few days. I generally am a narcissistic talker, but the past few days have gone as a bit of a blur.

The other day I came home to an email from a lady wanting to sell my Fluffy Butts in a boutique in London! How exciting is that!! She found me on Made It, and I've only been listed on there since Saturday afternoon.

Understandibly, I have been fairly chained to the sewing machine trying to get up a supply of goodies for her, as well as a few other places I'm looking into selling them, not to mention the upcoming Handmade Expo in November!

Good thing my shipment of the cutest Christmas fabric arrived today...

Be Excited!


cassandra2491 said...

Lots of gorgeous fabric. Wanna share some? How many rolls - you are going to be busy for the next little while - and you have how many critters? Anyway can't wait to see your creations - the husband just came home and took my car for petrol - catch up soon.

Swift Jan said...

Oh How scrummy is your fabric!!!! Cant wait to get mine :)

Femina said...

Well, if I could sew I'd probably be more jealous than excited but as I can't I shall just ooh and ahh admiringly. :D

Kris said...

OHHHHH love them!! Where did you find them and WHAT could I make with them.... hummmmmmm