Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Education worries.

Today has been an interesting day.. I've gone from definately sending Aphid #1 to the local state school to putting his name on the waiting list at the local Catholic School. This is a HUGE step for me because I was brought up to not only dislike anything other then Brethren (not exclusive!) denominations, but to frown upon and even *de-christianise* catholicism.

Now Scurry on the other hand, grew up in a Uniting Church which takes their foundation from the traditions and some doctrine (ish) from catholicism. So understandibly he wasn't concerned in the slightest. But I did need to do some convincing...

I went to a Uniting School from grade 7 thru 12 and LOVED it. It was a nice small school and we all knew each others business. Scurry went to the local (huge) state school and was rowdy, one of the crowd and loved it. His argument is that it should be free and that he did fine. I have no qualms with that. My argument is that Aphid #1 is fragile enough emotionally, (and quite easily led methinks) that although he is a good kid, he could quite easily be led down the wrong path.

Is that selling him short of his potential? I hope not, because that is not my intention at all.

You see the local state school is the one that aaaallllllllllll the others in the area send their expelled *bad eggs* to. So not only is it HUGE, but the average quality of students going there is... well not as high as I'd hoped.

Still, he is enrolled there, but we've put all 3 critters names down for the Catholic School. Hopefully we'll have a place for Aphid #1 before the new year starts so that I don't have to buy uniforms and the like for the state school.

I am content with my decision and will discuss any doctrinal differences as / if they arrise.


Swift Jan said...

Isn't it hard.
My biggest concern for Connor was that being short & wearing glasses he would become a target for bullies...
I decided that it didn't matter where we sent him, he risked being picked on. However in saying that I have been working hard in ensuring he has a confident self esteem which I am sure will help. So far so good...
I understand your concern though.
Maybe pray about it?

Givinya De Elba said...

Big dilemma. I think you're right to choose the school based on each kid's personality.

My two siblings and I went to three different highschools. Each one of us went to a school that suited us just right. I went to a further-away state school cos Dad taught there and I felt safer, my sister went to a private school and got into a fantastic group of friends, and my brother went to a local state school close enough to ride his bike to & from which gave him the independence he needed.

(If you're worried: There was a 5yr age gap between me and my sister, and with my brother riding his bike, this meant there were not multiple dropoffs for my parents.)

It was more important for us to be where we fitted rather than having a sibling two grades above.

So I think you're doing the right thing - choosing the school based on what your kids seem to need.

Crazy Sister said...

That is a tough one. Of course, when it all comes down to it, the biggest impact on your kid will be what his teacher's like, and the other two dozen kids in his class.

We chose our state school and hit the jackpot with an EXCELLENT teacher and a gorgeous class. Most of my friends went to the Catholic School, for the 'nurturing' environment, and the strict new teacher had them in tears during the first week.

You can never tell! Best of luck.

cassandra2491 said...

It is a huge decision to make for a parent. My child started in the local public school and had a great time, mind you it was a small local school with no expelled bad eggs, somewhat different to your situation. due to a change of scenery and suburb location, my child now attends a Christian school and I feel this is the best option for today's societal changes, but you also have to consider cost as well as educational outcomes. I went to a public school as a child and had a terrible time. Yes it matters about the teacher but also the peers (who may stay with your child for the rest of their life, or at least all the way through their schooling years) as this can influence your childs outcome and you don't want or need peer pressure to undermine your family's values and principals (which all adds towards developing ones self esteem, social, emotional and psychological development - a parent can only do so much). Who said having a baby was easy? Parenting is one of the hardest, but most fulfilling jobs we undertake. Good luck with your final decision.