Saturday, October 17, 2009

My crafty (or is it manipulative?) fix!

I spent a LOVELY morning, just me and the Mealie Bug at the Handmade Markets. It was just heavenly being out and all girly like and not having to worry about anyone else but moi and the littlest critter from our brood. Of course I spent a smidge, but hey, it's helping our economy AND helping out other like minded ladies who are also into this crafty-ness business.

OH! And after making a few introductions to some selected peoples, and pointing out some enigma's to others, I ran into Swift Jan of ForFunAndFancy fame and received my delightful brooch that I ordered from her! Perfection!

Then reality hit and I came home to the shambles that is my house when it is run by the husband with 2 Aphids of varying ages. Still, I love them just the same ;) But do you know what I did?


Givinya De Elba said...

You're busy, outfitting all the little butts! Cute.

Swift Jan said...

Glad you like your brooch :)
Loving your new fluffy butts!

Swift Jan said...

p.s I love that you named the frilly ones after me hehe

Scurrette said...

(I stole some of your leftover fabric to make the ruffles. So you are now immortalised in blogsville!)

cassandra2491 said...

You are soooo creative, where do you find the time running after 3 little critters. Wish I had a little critter to wear your lovliness!

Bumpkin Bears said...

those frills are too cute :) Hugs, Catherine x