Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Skinny me...

In response to Swift Jan's blog about being skinny (by the way, I think you are beautiful just the way you are!) I wanted to add my own spin.

I am skinny.

I have always been skinny.

Rebecca is skinny.

Except I am starting to put on weight.

Who am I if I am not skinny anymore? That is always who I've been.. I am finding it incredibly difficult to reconcile *who I am* outside that mould.

Yes, I know that beauty is from the inside. I agree with all of that. Still, I don't know how to translate that back to me.

I guess it is just a huge dose of vanity...

I'd just like to add that I think it is sad that we can see others are beautiful, but we just don't believe it ourselves. It is easier to discredit our husbands and God's opinion of us, because the world says otherwise.

I think it is a daily and sometimes hourly CHOICE to believe we are beautiful.

Still, that doesn't help when I'm trying to squeeze into my jeans.


Swift Jan said...

It has taken me the better part of 10 years to get to this point. Because I used to be skinny!

It has been a long hard path. It's not all about vanity. It's not. The world is constantly bombarding us with what they call beautiful and its mighty hard to live up to!

((hugs)) to you, I know exactly how you feel....

my3lovelies said...

Ah ((hugs)) Rebecca! It is hard when our bodies change and our minds have to catch up! I agree that it is a daily get up in the morning and to choose to be "beautiful" inside and out. At least we all have each other to help us through these times. Can't wait to give you a real hug!

Evonne said...

preach it, beautiful lady!! i too struggle with the putting on weight after kiddies thing - there was nothing i could do to GAIN it before them and it is hard to learn to see yourself a bit bigger than what you grew up as. (tho the extra padding in the chesty region is welcome to stay - lol). My first baby is 8 yrs old now and I have finally learnt to go for my actual size, rather than what i used to be, when i'm shopping for clothes. and thanks for sharing - i think the more of us that learn to love us as we are, the more 'normal' (what is that anyway?) we'll all be :o)