Saturday, November 13, 2010


So I just finished reading John. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! Though it seems whenever I sit down to read that the kids will come up and whinge and whine at me to do something or other. That has been driving me crazy.

Next? Who knows. I am still praying, but I suspect it will be another gospel. I feel I need to learn more about the Holy Spirit since I grew up in a Bretheren church  (no, not those weird exclusives..) when practically no attention was given to the Holy Spirit for fear of turning into one of those frowned-upon charismatic types. So I will be heading to Acts soon, but I think I need to get more Gospel into me first. Surround myself with as much Jesus as I can.

Did I mention how much I am loving this??? I REALLY AM!


my3lovelies said...

So glad you are enjoying it. You have encouraged me to start reading again too. xo

PS the word verification was ressival....which is a bit like revival!!! Pretty cool huh

Ally said...

Try reading Mark. It is another good gospel to read. We have just finished a study on it.

I completely understand your frustration of interupting kids. I have the same problem, & sometimes it just drive me insane.

When/if you are ready to do some more indepth studies let me know I have some really good ones.

Scurrette said...

oh awesome Ally! I will definitely take you up on that :-)

Swift Jan said...

Proud of you xoxo