Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first sad school mummy moment

I don't think bullying is the right word, but this morning I had my very first taste of *you WILL be nice to my child or I will rip your ferral little rats tail from the base of your hairline and will force feed it to you through a drip!*

For once, we got to school before the bell. There were boys running around playing tag and naturally Aphid #1 jumped in to play. He was met with the response to *Go away!*
I was furious! Certainly, he may give me the irrits. I may even sometimes tell him to leave me alone. And not that I have any affinity for anyone who considers mullets and rats tails to be the epitome of style. BUT HOW DARE THEY think themselves on a level where they can tell my particularly handsome son to just GO AWAY.



I gave him and extra big hug. Told him I loved him more then pizza and sent him on his way. 

Incidently, he was oblivious to it all.


cassandra2491 said...

how often is it happening? Is he oblivious or is it a usual occurrance for him (you aren't around to see)? Does he know how to handle this situation - because that wasn't very nice (for this age group) maybe chat with the teacher - it might have just been an isolated case - but still not nice or acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bec
My heart is breaking, this is my biggest fear with Jake, I'm sure when it happens I will just fall to pieces. Just remember, he always has a friend in Jake!
Hilarious comment about the rats tail though, don't want to get on your bad side!
Love you and your gorgeous boy!

June F. said...

Ah that sucks! I dread that part of school for our little ones.

Scurrette said...

something funky is going on with my comments. Poo.

Swift Jan said...

Bec, that's what kids are like! Even prep age kids. Especially if they have older siblings. Sad eh.... I wouldn't talk to the teacher about it yet.... Just make sure you take notice if he is a bit sad after school and ask him what happened.

We had a few sad days last year, but so far this year has been good.

You are right though, you go into protective mummy mode dont you!

Cuggles! Kids said...

You've had a hard time of late your poor thing. You and I should become neighbours so we can both yell without guilt. Sorry to hear about the little dropkick with the rats tail. A 3 year old said the same words to my 2 year old at daycare recently. I told the child 'that's not a very nice thing to say is it?' A 3 year old just gives you a blank stare, a rats tailed little punk would probably talk back and then it might be harder for your kid to deal with him when you're not there. If he's oblivious, that's good, but I can certainly sympathise with your reaction.