Sunday, May 23, 2010

The great Faryngitis disaster of 2010

I have never in my entire long legged life experienced a week quite like this one just passed.

It all started a week ago, Thursday. I took Aphid #1 to the doctor because he was quite hoarse and complaining of a sore throat. The verdict was faryngitis, (I apologise if I have spelt that wrong. I can't be stuffed looking up the dictionary) and the course of action, nothing.

The next morning (well somewhere between getting up at midnight and 4am to feed the Bug) I discovered he had moved his sleeping position of choice from his top bunk bed to the lounge. I was miffed because that is usually where *I* finish my nighttime agenda with the Bug snuggled in close. Miffed... Until he told me he'd been sick in his bed. Then I blessed his little cotton socks that he'd been big and brave enough to deal with it all himself and not bother mummy! There was a new set of clothes on and blankets found and all sorts. In fact, he was more proactive in his time of need then in his everyday life!

He spent the next day (Friday) randomly returning foods to me. What a love. But not a word of complaint. He delt with his shift in normal bodily functions amazingly and I was terribly proud.

But it was just the Faryngitis. He couldn't swallow, so nothing went down.

Yep. That's exactly what it was.

Tuesday, late afternoon. The Bug and I came home from Woolies and I plopped her on the lounge while I went to the loo. I came back and *blerrrrk*. Twice. She too grinned and delt with it like a common occurence.

Odd. She had no signs of Faryngitis.

Friday, family day. We just jumped in the car to come home from the shops. Aphid #2 starts groaning and *blerrrrk*. Huh? This is getting odd. He purged every half hour for a good few hours. He too soldiered on. No sadness, tears, fears, nothing. He'd fill his bucket, pass it to me, I'd clean it and return it to him for the next go...

That night, the *Faryngitis* struck me too. Mild. Thank goodness.

Perhaps though, my diagnosis may be off??!


Swift Jan said...

Hmm the "faryngitis" seems to have gone haywire... So glad you were able to make it last night!

June F. said...

OH dear, that's rather odd. I hope you're getting over it and feeling better. Poor things! :(

Crazy Sister said...

Ick! That's a lot of "blerk" to clean up.

Get well, everyone!