Thursday, April 15, 2010

To the management at LensPro Booval

I’d like to thank the lady attending the counter on Thursday evening April 15th, 2010. I came in to the store with hope but very little expectation for a remedy for the two pairs of glasses my not quite 3 year old had broken the wings off. I had to try something as he needs his glasses to see and prevent his significantly turned eye from getting worse. We discussed several options – repairs, new frames, replacement parts.

What I would love to bring to your attention was the profoundly horrific customer service I received. I was quickly told that the repairs were not possible – one pair needed to be sent away to be soldered and the other had snapped completely.

I was then told we could purchase a new pair. Though not enamoured with this idea, we had a look and discovered that there were no frames that would fit his face. They were either too small or too big. We looked through the drawers and at the new stock that had just arrived with nothing suitable found.

I asked about putting a replacement wing to tide us over – since a friend had used this method to get her young son out of a similar situation. This is when things went sour. The box containing the broken frames was presently dumped on the desk and I was told to get looking. (Yes, just like that. *Thud* “You better get looking then”. Oh and there were some not-well-hidden sighs and eye rolls).  Fine. I could deal with that. But when the retail assistant then snidely muttered to another customer that I could ‘just buy a new set of frames and be done with it’ and mumbled that you are ‘not a second hand store’, I about burst in tears. Did it not seem apparent that I was distressed, embarrassed and humiliated enough? Was it necessary to bring these fine qualities to the attention of fellow customers??? Especially since we had already established that while you can indeed make glasses up on the spot, YOU HAD NO FRAMES WE COULD USE!

So yes, my very little expectation of a successful remedy to the situation was met. And now you will not receive any more of our business. Check your records – we’ve spent quite a good deal of cash at your store and have only ever received exceptional service. It’s a pity what one event can do to your reputation.

And yes, we will be telling this to everyone we meet. Excellent effort customer service lady.

Oh and those tears I previously mentioned – they flowed freely for the entire journey home, prompted my 5 year old to ask why I was so sad, and was about the only thing that prevented my husband from ringing you up and being not very nice on the phone. Be thankful that it is me writing this note of appreciation and not my husband – he would not be so kind.

Thank you,


Cute as Buttons said...

I've been there...many times with my little fellow, as you know! Clarity at Toowong. Worth the trip. Also have had excellent support for a closely related problem from Optical Warehouse. They went to ridiculous lengths to save us the expense and delay of replacing glasses. You poor love. We know how important those little specs are and would do it ourselves with a bit of string if we could, wouldn't we? Nasty piece of work. Let your husband phone! Lisa x

June F. said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough day, that kind of service is unacceptable! I think you should write the management a letter saying exactly this, she should not get away with attitude like that. (((HUGS)))

Swift Jan said...

I am tempted to march in there tomorrow and give them what for!

Sorry it was a sucky outcome :(

Swift Jan said...

Actually you SHOULD send them a letter

cassandra2491 said...

I agree - let management know! That sort of customer service is not acceptable - I would easily do it for you or with you. - and to blab to another customer - how rude! Definatly take your business elsewhere. - (maybe even go to the current affairs program)LOL.......

Cuggles! Kids said...

I have just held back tears of sympathy for you. That is bl**dy atrocious and I will never be going there. I can highly recommend Chris at Sunoptix at Riverlink (outside Coles). In fact I just phoned Holly who works with Chris and told her you have had some terrible service at that place and that I will be recommending them to you. Holly was wonderful and said please tell you they'd be happy to chat with you about what options you might have. I have no affiliation with them other than being a new and happy customer. Hope they can help if you're still looking for a decent optometrist and if Riverlink is convenient for you. Big hugs, XXX