Friday, April 16, 2010

Their reply...

Dear Mrs Scurr,

Thank you for your message.

LensPro is now the only Group to have an in-store optical lab which enables us to provide a one-hour service for most single-vision glasses, and one-hour lens fitting for most custom ground lenses.

You should not be surprised that LensPro (or any optical practice) does not hold a wide selection of frames suitable for a toddler, as this is a fairly specialised requirement. For the same reason, optical practices would generally not stock parts for toddlers frames either. What often happens, is for new toddler frames to be ordered in for individual customers.

Having spoken with the person who served you, I believe that a genuine effort was made to assist you, notwithstanding that the store was fairly busy this evening.

I am sincerely sorry that LensPro has been unable to meet your expectation of service on this occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Haggitt



Swift Jan said...

Oh that is DISGUSTING! No appology for her rudeness what so ever.
Ok fair enough that they weren't able to assist you easily but there was NO need for the rudeness that came with it!

Scurrette said...

Dear Mr. Haggitt,

Thank you for your swift reply.

I came to you with a specific problem and you prefaced your reply with an advertisement for your store. Really not going to help the situation...

As I said, I appreciate that the lady was unable to help. It was the attitude and disrespect she gave me as a customer that was atrocious. It was completely unnecessary to make snide comments about my situation to other customers and being busy is no excuse for the disgusting treatment I received. I have over a decade of senior level and management retail experience and have never witnessed such unprofessional service.

It is unfortunate for us that we will not experience your one hour service (incidentally, on every occasion my husband has needed new glasses, they have taken over a week to return). Still, I would rather wait a week and face the problems this will cause my son then re-enter your store.

Mrs. Scurr

Swift Jan said...

Good for you Bec. Great reply!

Lisa T said...

What a crock of an apology. I must say that when I got my glasses there, it took a week before they were ready. I think they are fibbing about their one hour service.

In light of what happened to you and especially their poor response, I will not be going back there for the new pair of glasses I need. I am going to try the one down the end of the centre near Subway (can't remember their name).

Thanks for sharing and I hope you get better service somewhere else.


June F. said...

Wow, what a joke of a response! I love yours though. Enough of them and spread the word!!