Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Confessions from the heart

I often wonder how people really are when you ask them and they reply *fine* or *not too bad* or *good thanks*.

I often wonder how they really are. But I guess it isn't politically correct - or perhaps a bit awkward to answer *a little bit crappy actually* or *to be honest I'm feeling sad / angry / frustrated / etc*.

Sure, I appreciate that the checkout chick isn't interested in deep confessions from your soul, but why do we hide it from our friends and family?

I for one am a big culprit of this.

Is it being heroic? Making yourself the matyr? Are we afraid that we'll scare people off with our real self?

But is this pretense a good thing?

I think not. I wish people would ask me *how are you REALLY doing?* and expect and honest and raw answer. Sometimes it may be that I'm doing ok. Othertimes I may burst in to tears. But you know what? It's not that I want someone to fix the way I feel, but rather to feel safe and cared for enough to get these feelings and emotions out. Just to listen. Give a hug. Tell me it's going to be okay. That is all.


Jodie said...

This is so true, Highly guilty of this. But I never really want to explain the Full story.

Anonymous said...

me being me always do you and short answer or the truth? even to the check out chick..and always get a smile, maybe they too are tired of hearing....'fine and you?' => x