Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I want some more promotion! 

Tell everyone about me puh-leeze!

I'll be at The Handmade Expo this Saturday at the Bundamba Turf Club!

Make sure you come and say hi!

As a reward for such obliging behaviour, I am having a  
G I V E A W A Y !

The random winner will receive either an adult skirt or a kidlet item from my range (quite possibly made to order)!

A single entry into the draw will be given for each of the following:
♥ Follow my blog ♥
♥ Follow A Gossip of Women's blog ♥
♥ Blog about my giveaway on your blog ♥
♥ Check out my previous posts and tell me what your favourite item of mine is ♥
♥ Check out my Etsy Store and become a fan there too ♥
♥ Come visit my stand at The Handmade Expo and say hi! ♥

Make sure you let me know what entries you require in your reply.

The draw will take place on Sunday 21st February.


Swift Jan said...

WOOT for a giveaway!!!!

You know I love love love all your stuff! Fluffy butts are especially my fav!!

Off to blog... You know I am already a follower/fan :D

my3lovelies said...

Move over Swift Jan...its the Shamble lady....

Well Scurrette...I love all your stuff too...I love your dresses and your ladies tops..and your Fluffy Butts on my little miss.

I've just blogged for you and I sure am a fan and a follower of you too!

katie said...

Am still wearing the gorgeous skirt I bought from your stand at the handmade expo today (we were the annoying 'can we pay by paypal' on our iphone?' people!)... I love both my skirt and the boys caterpillar pants we bought at your stand today but I don't know which ones were yours :) I have just become a blog follower and can't wait to see what you put up next for sale - have a funny feeling I'm going to be a regular!
Thanks again for being so accommodating with our payment method today :)

Scurrette said...

Katie - that is so exciting!! I loved that one skirt too. And the red in size 10 that I made for me and then realised I'm at least 1 size bigger then I think I am! haha. I'll be making more, because they just look so good on - and anything that doesn't force the ol' belly up and over the waist band is a winner in my book!

I'll add you to the giveaway. Good luck! I'll be drawing it later today.

katie said...

Actually I have to say I LOVED the red one too... however quickly realised it would probably only fit around my left leg :)

By the way, to increase promotion, set up a Facebook page for Scurrette - I'll become a fan and recommend you to all my friends! I find fb fabulous for keeping up to date on the products and happenings for a stack on online businesses I follow (you update your status and it appears in all the news feeds of your fans). You can also get into the facebook garage sale rage (search for F.B.G.S on Facebook if you have no idea what I'm on about!) if you ever need to clear stock... I'm addicted to them :)


Scurrette said...

oh you are a gem!!! I'll do that now :)

Thank you!!!