Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Handmade Expo!

Welcome to Scurrette's Stall!

We had an AWESOME day and I'd like to give a BIG thanks to the following: The Devine Mrs R of Sweat Pea Delight, Swift Jan of For Fun and Fancy, the ever helpful (and great company keeper!) Pastor's Wife, and of course Everyone who came and supported me by visiting and spending all their hard earned cash our gorgeous items.

We done good!! (and we'll be back for sure!)

Finally, I want to give a round of applaus to Handmade Heaven, Bubba Chenille and Handmadies for organising such a great venue and event each and every month! The only complaints were the flies and heat. Next time ladies, try a little harder alright? (Oh and my location was PERFECT! I had great neighbours, a bit of a breeze, close to the ammenities and food (not located together... cause that would be odd!) and, um, I can't think of anything else!



Scurrette said...


bubbachenille said...

Your stall look fantastic, congratulations, I am glad you had a great day ! Couldn't really help it with all yours and friends fantastic creations!

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

I know... I loved your stall - especially my little goodies that I bought as well... (check my post soon).. Glad you had a great day, it was lovely to have you.


Swift Jan said...

Glad it was a succesful day :) I look forward to next month :)

Your stall looked awesome btw !!

Femina said...

Oh yay, comments are working now! I had trouble yesterday.

They all look amazing and if I had kids (and, you know, didn't live in Melbourne) I would have come along and spent up big! :)

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Woohoo...we are so glad that you had a great time at The Handmade Expo. I actually can't blog about my purchases that I made from you guys (xmas pressies), however, I did love my purchases.
Hope to see you there next month